1.1 Surgical method

Currently the most commonly used surgical technique is Dilation and Aspiration/Curettage of the cavity by means of a metal or plastic cannula (Karman) using a vacuum aspiration system. The procedure lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and it is usually performed with local anaesthesia - paracervical block anestesia local (read more) and, optionally and aditionally with conscious sedation (read more) see informed consent with local anaesthesia and conscious sedation. It is advisable to monitor the procedure by means of ultrasound and later post-operatory check to verify that the uterine cavity has been completely emptied.
The recovery time after the procedure varies between 30 to 60 minutes and the stay in the clinic is approximately 2 hours. Upon discharge the patient is given a discharge report, prescription for medication and guidelines to be followed after the operation (read more about pre-operation instructions) pre-operation instructions and post-operation instructions. GINECENTER uses a VPT Protocol, surgical method Protocolo IVE, método quirúrgico  approved by ACAI and following recommendations by the WHO (read more about consent VPT, surgical method.)
Compared to the classic curettage, also commonly called scraping, aspiration requires less dilation of the cervix, bleeding is minimal and complications are rare, which leads to the procedure usually being performed without hospital stay (Outpatient surgery).

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